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There are so many amazing places to see in every part of the world, and you should take every opportunity that can bring you to these places. In this chaotic world that we live in, there are still many reasons why we should believe in restoring the natural beauty of the world. If you are losing track of the reasons why you should continue fighting for a greener world, let these list below remind you of nature’s beauty.

Earth is endowed with beauty beyond compare. Its exquisiteness can be seen through its majestic waterfalls, natural wonders, mysterious lost cities and stunning spots that you never even thought existed. Surely, going to these places will leave you with memories that you will cherish in your entire lifetime.

The world is filled with so many lovely places that are too many to mention. But we narrowed them down to ten. And though beauty lies on the eye of the beholder, the lists below are the most common spots visited which are acclaimed for their superb beauty:

10. Hong Kong’s Tian Tan Buddha at Lantau Island

Tian Tan

Never fail to visit this place when you happen to drop by Hong Kong or you may fail to witness the Earth’s largest Buddha statue. This is made of bronze and stands 34 meters tall. It weighs 250 tons and construction was finished in Dec 1993. This is Hong Kong’s major Buddhism center so don’t miss the chance to be there.



9. French Polynesia’s Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora at Motu Tehotu Island

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

This is literally French Polynesia’s tropical paradise and was touted to be the “best island in the world”. If you are planning a romantic moment, this place is your perfect choice.



8. Greece’s Blue Caves at Zakynthos Island


This is the biggest island in the Ionian Sea. Located at the west coast of Zakynthos are the blue caves famed for the name “blue caves of Volimes”. Volimes is the scenic village where the caves are located. The reflection of the striking blue waters on the cave makes the place look majestic as it reflects the sky’s shine on a limpid sky.  This place is also located at a secluded area of the island which appears breathtaking as you gaze on its turquoise Ionian Sea.



7. Netherland’s Peterswoldse Meer Lake at Groningen


If you love ice skating, you’ll never want to miss visiting Paterswoldse.  Of course, you can always skate on parks, skating rinks, malls and other manmade built skating areas but no artificial ice rinks can equal the enthralling experience of a natural limitless surrounding of this frozen lake. It goes beyond boundaries of parks and malls and a must have experience that you should go for.



6. Norway’s Pulpit Rock at Preikestolen

free hanging

Norway takes pride of this as one of their natural tourist attraction. It is a steep cliff at 604 meters over Lysefjorden which is situated opposite of Kjerag plateau in Forsand, Ryfylke. On the top of the cliff is 25 x 25 meters plateau. Around 150,000 to 200,000 tourists visit this place annually.  If you plan to go there, be prepared to go for a 3.8 km hike going to Preikestolen.



5. China’s Crystalline Turquoise Lake at Jiuzhaigou National Park

China’s Crystalline Turquoise Lake at Jiuzhaigou National Park

Be amazed at its multi-level waterfalls with snowcapped peaks and colorful lakes. This is one of Jiuzhaigou National Park’s main attractions. It is distinct because of its crystal clear water and reputed as China’s Five Flower Lake. Its plethora of colors added to its beauty namely blue, turquoise, yellow, green and a lot more. Every year, around 200,000 tourists visit this place.



4. Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes at the National Park

Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes at the National Park


This is simply an amazing place which must be added to the list of places you would want to visit.  It is Southern Europe’s oldest National Park. It also ranks as Croatia’s largest national park. It is the first natural site of UNESCO’s World Heritage register.



3. India’s Benteng in Chittorgarh

India’s Benteng in Chittorgarh

It is India’s largest fort which is endowed with splendid features and magnificent views. If you want to know India’s culture and history, you will surely want to visit this glorious place. Here, witness India’s grand palaces, beautiful towers and historical temples.



2. France’s Gardens at Marqueyssac, Vesac

France’s Gardens at Marqueyssac

Do you want to see the world’s most magnificent landscapes? If you do, visit the Gardens of Marqueyssac.  Its sculptural landscapes are simply breathtaking as they wrap around the Chateau de Marqyueyssac. Built in 17thcentury, this garden was properly maintained by active attendants, making it look splendid even if it is as old as 300 years old.



1.British Columbia’s Capilano Suspension Bridge at Vancouver

British Columbia’s Capilano Suspension Bridge at Vancouver

It is 140 meters long with 70 meters height. Though this is a private facility, admission here is free. It attracts to as much as 800,000 visitors yearly, proving that this is one of the most wonderful spots in the world!

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