SPIRITUAL10 Stages of Awakening That Everyone Needs To Know

Maureen SantosDecember 27, 20178938 min

Are you in the process of awakening?

All of us experience awakening. Some are aware that it is happening in their lives, while some do not. It’s an amazing part of life where people get to experience extraordinary changes in their lives. Some may be aware that those changes are part of the process, while some just ignore the amazing transition that their lives are going through at the moment.

Enlightenment feels sublime. Simply being in the process of this miracle feels otherworldly. For the ones who have experienced the magic, it is supremely important to guide some others through it. Being disconnected from everything ruled by Science, it can be extremely scary and overwhelming.

Here is a linear table of points which you touch upon as you progress in your journey:


You feel disillusioned about your current circumstances. This fuels your ardent need to escape it; to find a higher purpose to an apparently meaningless existence. You want to take back the reins of your life, and fix everything that is broken. There is a desperation nestled deep within, to turn your life around.


You are overwhelmed by a sudden onslaught of emotions. You are smiling for no particular reason, singing, doing all the things you love. You are closer to a blissful existence than you have ever been before. The people around you are noticing a marked change in your demeanor.


You are confused about the outcome of this journey. Since most people undertake this alone, you feel scared about the possibilities of what this might entail. This is also the point where your world breaks again. All the things you have believed in for ages seem to turn to dust. If you can muster the strength to continue on the path, things will turn for the better very soon.


This is the darkest point of the night which means that the day cannot possibly be far behind. One must go through certain heartbreaks in order to appreciate and be grateful for the good things in life. At this point, you want to abandon society, and assume life as a reclusive saint who has given up on all worldly contacts.


Instead of trying to make an impact on the world, you learn to clean the mess within yourself. If your inner light is pure and shines bright, then it will be able to bring many people home. Always remember that you must set yourself as an example if you expect to lead in any way. You cannot fix another person if you do not love your own self.


You begin to understand how this Universe functions. You become immensely fond of nature and animals. You hear the calling of this world, and breathe to the expansion and contraction of the Universe. It almost feels like the stars are shining down on you. Your life shows visible signs of coming back together.


You are beginning to understand just why you are a part of this Universe. Your purpose is almost clear to you now. Instead of chasing ideals, and the bottomless pit of materialistic ambitions, you start focusing on the things that actually matter. You build love, kindness, and a legacy of goodwill.


Once you have achieved your true self, your creative spirit starts responding enormously. You are hit with inspiration and pass it on, in wondrous ways, to all the ones you love. You are not exempted from obstacles, but you know how to deal with them, in a better fashion. You feel yourself to be much stronger and better versed with the ways of this world.


You give in to the love of the Almighty. The Universal power of the deity finds itself in you. At this point, you realize that you are following their path, and executing their chosen ways. This union works wonders on your mental health, and you feel completely at peace.


You have reached the ultimate point where you are now at one with the forces of the Universe. Your aura shines bright with kindness, love, forgiveness, and all the ideal attributes you had erstwhile considered unachievable. You have found the answers to everything you were looking for, and see the world in a completely new light. There is no force that can overpower you now.

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