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December 28, 20151 min

Companies, organizations, schools and other groups, committees and individuals use a broad range of information, formats and styles in their mission statements to set forth their goals. Mission statements can also tell the types of services, products and help which can be expected from the group.


NEWSThe Cleanest Line

December 28, 201514312 min

If any clothing company could produce an environmental news blog worth adding to your daily news regimen, it’s Patagonia. Okay—it’s not all environmental news, all the time, but those posts that are not concerned with looming dam projects and oil prospecting on wildlands tend to be about running those rivers and trekking those wildlands. The result? You want them to stay wild all the more. Sample post: There’s little news reporting, but instead compelling calls...


December 28, 201519761 min

Meatout – promotes a vegan diet. Held annually on the first day of spring (on or around March 20). World Water Day – held annually on March 22nd. Earth Hour – promotes efforts to address climate change by asking businesses and residents to turn off their lights for one hour (from 8:30pm – 9:30pm local time). Held in late March annually.


December 28, 201517491 min

World Spay Day – promotes spaying or neutering of our pets and feral cats. Held annually on the last Tuesday of every February. World Wetlands Day – held annually on February 2nd. World Day of Social Justice – held annually on February 20th.

(NaturalNews) Recent studies of other stars have revealed that our sun is capable of blasting the Earth with a solar flare that is far more powerful than anything that has been seen since humans started tracking “solar weather” in the 1970s, warned Kyoto University astrophysicist Kazunari Shibata at the recent Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. The workshop was sponsored by NASA, the National Science Foundation and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Such...

The cover of this month’s National Geographic magazine is causing some major controversy among the cognitively aware, as this once-upstanding and generally unbiased nature periodical has quite obviously fallen headlong into the clutches of corporate-controlled propaganda and lies. Outlining what it says are some of the basic tenets of “The War on Science,” National Geographic likens having concerns about the safety of vaccines, fluoride, and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to believing that the moon landings were...



December 27, 201513503 min

Good for: A comprehensive environmental site that covers everything from tarballs to formaldehyde. This online partner to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s quarterly print magazine repurposes much of the dead-tree content but adds regular and almost-breaking coverage of issues such as the Keystone XL pipeline and the BP oil spill. Royte concentrates on consumer goods and toxics, while Gessner’s Wild Filechronicles his ongoing coverage of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Sample post: This dispatch...