2018 December Full Moon: Most Prolonged This Year

//2018 December Full Moon: Most Prolonged This Year

2018 December Full Moon: Most Prolonged This Year

Moon gazers are lucky to marvel at this month’s full moon since it will be the most prolonged heavenly spectacle anyone can behold.

Astronomers declared that the upcoming December Full Moon will be the only and longest for 2018. People could lay their eyes on the beauty of the full moon on December 22 (Saturday). Also known as the Frost Moon or the Moon Before Yule, it will reach the top on the day succeeding the Winter Solstice which is this year’s longest night.

The end of Autumn is the beginning of Winter. It means that the regular duration of sunlight is short-lived. The shortest would be the day of the northern hemisphere Winter Solstice.

The December Full Moon will come into sight for about three days. As it envelops its maximum phase, spectators will have a great advantage seeing it magnificently light up the night sky. NASA stated that it will reach its exceptional brightness in the afternoon at around 5.49pm GMT (UTC).

Weather Network meteorologist Scott Sutherland said, “That’s the longest Full Moon of the entire year. We haven’t seen a Full Moon last that long since December 2010, when it was in the sky for 15 hours and 54 minutes on the 20th and 21st.”

The colder winter climate likewise means that viewing the night will be much more cloudless since there will be less moisture seized in the air.

If Canadians are too lucky to have their skies dry, a spectacular view of the moon and stars definitely awaits them. In New York, the December Full Moon will set at 6.55 am EST. It will then rise at 4.47pm EST before it disappears again on the next day at 8 am EST.

In Japan, the December Full Moon sets on December 22 at 6.54am JST and rises at 5.10pm JST. In Mumbai, India, the Earth’s satellite will subside at 6.24am IST and will majestically illuminate Indian sky again at 5.54pm IST.



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