TECHNOLOGY3 Ways Net Neutrality Repeal Could Wreak Havoc to Big and Small Entrepreneurs

Maureen SantosFebruary 21, 20187285 min

From the smallest business to the gigantic corporation, the internet will always be a part of it. However, the operation will not be easy, and the fact that Federal Communications Commission is going to abolish net neutrality will make it more difficult. A large portion of the internet users will be greatly affected most especially in the business sector. The net neutrality invalidation will distress startups, e-commerce stores and any companies that depend on the internet.


The FCC canceled its neutrality rules of 2015 on Dec. 15 last year restricting Internet Service Providers from deterring and delaying any sites or apps provided that contain lawful contents. The said guideline also prohibited ISPs to engage in paid prioritization in return for companies and consumers’ premium costing from and at the same time, creates slow routes for users who pay the least.


The paid prioritization will provide ISPs the advantage to establish internet packages with a higher rate depending on the type of contents that users want or need to access. To make it simpler, those who will pay a higher amount will have access to more sites with a speedy internet. Those who cannot afford will have to be content with fewer accessible sites at normal speed or less.


Decenternet strongly believes in net neutrality and freedom. It is a startup company that provides an ultimate hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet telecommunications solution that blockchain can develop. No one owns it or accounts for any third-party organizations apart from its users. Because of its out-of-the-box browser technology enables users to experience a much quicker, more protected, and more confidential decentralized internet along with the usual websites consumers use.


How can Net Neutrality deteriorate business?


Without net neutrality, businesses will fall into hardship and corruption. The repeal could reduce organic and paid traffic. It could also decrease conversions based on several studies on slower websites. Lastly, it will curtail efficiency and user experience.   


Abolishing the net neutrality rules also triggers librarians who campaign for internet freedom. Computer and technology facilities become the foundation of modern public libraries. Library users such as in Alabama are provided with free internet access and wifi sessions. Library computers are means by which locals apply for a job, have exams monitored for online classes, print out data and carry out research according to Huntsville-Madison County Public Library executive director, Laurel Best.


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