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Maureen SantosMarch 23, 20187294 min

He emerged as the victor when the court favored his decision to overturn net neutrality, but why does the FCC Chair Ajit Pai keep on accusing net neutrality?


During his speech at the American Cable Association (ACA), Pai emphasized the inadequacy of high-speed internet connection in the rural communities. Some US states still have difficulty having internet access and consider it a very undeniable and critical issue.

His agency trimmed down many requirements intended to cushion internet access for rural residents with low income. It would, in turn, oblige servers at most to retain current DSL internet lines. At the same time, the allowance for wireless service is decreased for residents with low salaries.

Pai instead keeps on accusing net neutrality also known as 2015 Title II order. Citing the rule, he argues that the overregulation is a chief hazard to investment. However, studies suggest that net neutrality laws have no impact on the investment rate of telecom companies.

Accusing net neutrality could somehow push more advocates to stand for its preservation. The Internet Association filed a motion to intervene against the FCC. This time, the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) filed the same petition to challenge the agency.

CCIA President Ed Black said that the coalition is dedicated to warranting that the internet will be piloted by net neutrality principles along with open access. The group will not wrap up until they were able to obtain strong, justifiable, and actionable laws guarding the internet together with its billions of users.

If net neutrality is lost, it could result in a cultural shift online. Dnet is one platform that could prevent this in more ways than one.  It is developed for the internet user’s protection and freedom. Besides, users have boundless access to the decentralized web aside from the traditional websites.

The dnet platform makes use of  Anuvys OS as its native operating system. It does not perceive internet users as fugitives. Moreover, it does not utilize system resources for scrutiny and report anything to anyone with the user’s permission.

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