SOLUTION5 Easy Ways To Protect Planet Earth

Maureen SantosFebruary 5, 201814937 min

How can we protect the Earth?

Looking from the outer space, planet Earth is a magnificent ball of different colors inhabited by living things from the tiniest plankton to the behemoth whale. The planet is suffering from climate change and as humans; we are most accountable. We live more comfortably because of the breakthrough; however, what turns to be in exchange is our future, our lives.


There are more ways than one that we can save our own planet. Different organizations, non-profit or government are doing their part to make the public aware of what is actually happening to Earth.


Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Follow these three “R’s” and you will never go wrong. Reusing old materials instead of throwing them away would reduce garbage and recycling plastics will take less space in landfills and oceans. Some of this throw away could be donated and let others make use of them.


Conserve water. Using less water will reduce the instances of wastewater that go straight to the different bodies of the water such as river, lakes, and oceans. When cleaning the dishes or brushing your teeth do not let the water run. You’ll be happy to save gallons of water in a month.


Plant trees. Reforestation would mean a lot for cleaning the pollution. Trees emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from vehicles and factories. More trees mean more fresh air and lesser respiratory diseases. In addition, trees provide us food, shelter and fight the damaging effect of climate change.


Limit the use of chemicals. In our everyday living, we use chemicals inside and outside of the home. Even what we eat contains chemicals. Limiting the use of chemicals can provide planet Earth a huge relief from the air, soil, and water contamination. Reducing the application of chemicals especially in the crops would lessen bees and other insect mortality aside from coating the harvest with pesticides.


Drive less or walk. Air pollution is getting worse every day, especially in China and India. It would be better to ride a bike or just walk which is also a form of exercise. Unlike vehicles, it does not emit smoke that contains different chemicals that cause smog dangerous to health.


Different countries around the world participated in the Paris Agreement with high hopes to save planet Earth. This agreement was adopted on Dec. 12, 2015. A total of 195 countries acknowledged the global plan to keep an eye on the planet to prevent the hazardous climate change. To accomplish this, the global warming should be limited below 2°C as much as possible. This climate change protocol connects the current policies and climate impartiality before the end of the century.


We can do something about it, and we should have started a long ago, but it’s not yet too late. As an individual, you can do a lot to save Mother Earth and make the world a better place to live. There is no need to look for another habitable planet and leave our own planet. Let us take care of planet Earth, and it will also take care of us. Agree?


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Maureen Santos

She lets everyone become aware of what is happening to our beloved planet Earth and its inhabitants. She can take you beyond the space and find out how neighbor planets are doing. Moreover, she would open your eyes to the things what makes the Earth suffer including the living species and allow you to decide what you can do to help save the planet and the future generation.

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