SPIRITUAL6 Amazing Reasons Why Karma Is Better Than Revenge

Maureen SantosNovember 8, 2017122107 min

To revenge, or to let karma do it?

Whenever someone does an awful thing to you, what do you usually do? Do you take a revenge? Or do you usually just sit and let karma chase that person?

While some people find it easy to just let the universe do its thing, some are just too fragile to let things go easily. They can’t let go of the grudge if they don’t take revenge on that person who hurt them. But is it really the best thing to do?

Ever wonder why some people decide to let things go easily and do not take revenge on the person? Let me answer your questions regarding this matter.

Sure, revenge is something we all want at least at some point in our lives but sometimes we are smart enough to know it isn’t always worth it. Sometimes the best option is letting karma pay the person a visit and being done with them.

People who have it coming will always get hit by karma when the time is right. When you are feeling frustrated and ready to get what you feel you deserve to remember the things I have listed below. Karma can be a bitch and if you do good, good will come to you. Those who do you wrong will be served their slice of the shit pie soon enough.

6 Reasons Why Strong People Allow Karma to Do their Dirty Work For Them:

1. Sometimes revenge can cause more trouble than it is worth.

If you go around keying the cars of every guy who cheats on you, you may end up in some legal trouble. Sure, it is painful and they deserve to be in pain too but you need to put yourself first. That person isn’t worth it.

2. You cannot get revenge on the whole world.

Sometimes getting revenge is just not an option. Not all battles are worth fighting. Know when to stand down.

3. Revenge doesn’t feel as good as you think it does.

Sure, you may think revenge is going to be awesome but in the end, it won’t make you feel any better. You shouldn’t let this person take up any of your time. You have more important things to think about.

4. Whether you can or not karma will always catch up to this person.

Karma is going to be here forever. Whether you can get this person back or not karma will. Maybe not as quickly as you want it to, but it will happen. You should find comfort in knowing that.

5. Karma works like a mirror.

If you go around doing bad things to others bad things will happen to you. This also goes for if you do good things, good things will happen to you. Always remember that.

6. You are better than that.

You are a stronger and more stable person than the person who hurt you. You should not stoop to their level. They are not worth your time. In this life, we waste far too much time on people who do not deserve it.

For more information on how karma works check out the video below. When it comes to seeking revenge, we shouldn’t. Just trust in the Universe and let karma do its job. In time, this person’s bad deeds will catch up with them.

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  • sarady

    March 22, 2019 at 8:25 am

    Really appreciate your words. I won’t take revenge to people who hurt me. I will let karma does my dirty work.


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