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What is the role of our friends in our lives? Do they enrich or put a burden in some areas in our lives? There are tons of reasons why we need a friend in our life. Try to picture your life having no friend, it will be boring, right? Friends play an important role in our lives, we laugh with them, and we cry with them, we share our wins and even our heartaches with our buddies for life.

We consider our friends as our family outside the four walls of our house. However, there will come a time where we might lose contact with them, but the important thing is for us to keep those who have really shown the real essence of being a true friend.

There are 7 billion people on this planet. Yet, it never fails to amuse me how similar human beings really are. I think, whenever human is born, the supernatural force allots them one friend from certain genres. How else would you explain the recurring personality types in every group of friends?

Friendship is the sole, most important thing, our lives are built around. When we’re young, we chase materialistic goods, and neglect the quality time we spend in building relationships. However, once the glamour and glaze of wealth has run out, we realize just how important friendship is.

Here are 6 types of friends that you should hold on to for dear life:


This is often known as the mother/father of the group. They’ll take care of you almost like your own parents, and discipline you the same way. They invest so much in their relationships, and expect very little in return. You may not even remember their birthday, but they’ll always surprise you on yours.

Their soft-hearted nature makes them the easiest target from mistreatment. However, they are the ones you should hold the closest, because of how genuine their feelings are.


You can call them at any point of time, and vent out everything wrong with your life. They will listen to you patiently, without judgement or anger. Sometimes, you are not even looking for a solution so much as a place to unload all the burden. They’re that place.

What makes them all the more special is that they will never let out your secrets, come what may.


They always see the silver-lining, and force you to feel good about yourself. Around them, you can never slack, or be self-derogatory.

You didn’t make the cut for the entrance? The college sucks, anyway. You did not get to date that woman? She wasn’t your soul mate, and you shouldn’t be wasting time.

They’re literally a ball of sunshine, and you should hold them very close.


A reality-check is very important in your life. These are the friends who are straightforward to the point of seeming rude. If you’re doing something wrong, they will not support you for the sake of politeness. They will point out exactly where you’re going wrong. This is what true friendship looks like.


They plan to conquer the entire world, and nothing can stop them. They have the highest goals, and the greatest plans. Their over-achieving mind always inspires you to do bigger and better. It is very important to be around people like this, because they motivate you to be the best version of yourself.


The chemistry you share with this person, is inexplicable. You have often tried to figure out why or how these feelings came to exist, but there isn’t a single moment or incident that you can pin-point. You have never felt this way with or about anybody else, and calling him/her just a “friend” does not make the cut. You feel very comfortable and happy around them, and everybody around you can clearly see the romance budding between you two.

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