NEWS60,000 Chinese Soldiers To Fight Against Pollution

Maureen SantosFebruary 19, 20184704 min

Due to the many changes occurring all around the world because of the climate change and technology, several countries are getting restless. A large portion of the Earth is experiencing La Nina, while on its other side is drought. Natural calamities befall, and despite all preparations, we are still left with devastation.


Numerous countries participate in the Paris Agreement in accordance with the issues of climate change. They pledged to do their part to ease global warming and implement conservation of energy and natural resources.


In China, more than 60,000 soldiers are deployed not to war against countries but to battle their own war against pollution. The Chinese government declared plans of a large-scale reforestation project that will cover an area almost the size of Ireland and is equivalent to 6.66 million hectares. More than half of the unit will be sent out in the Hebei province where massive pollution is caused by its industries, according to Ecowatch.


When these soldiers go to Hebei, they will be armed with shovels and not with guns or heavy artilleries. They consist of the People’s Liberation Army and the country’s armed police forces who were relieved of their posts at the moment from the northern border to help in the reforestation project, Futurism reports.


The Hebei officials assured that by the end of 2020, the entire reforestation coverage would be increased to 35%. The program emanates from a broader scheme to expand the country’s total forestation standing from 21.7% to 23% after 10 years and to 26% by 2035. Vice News has learned that the communist country is one of the biggest polluters in the world that produces carbon dioxide twice the amount that the US makes.


Chinese President Xi Jinping last year said that the Paris Agreement is a challenging accomplishment. All countries should adhere to it rather than leaving their backs behind it. He added that It is an obligation that everyone must consider for future generations.


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