MINDBLOWINGAbandoned Baby Elephant Found Real Happiness With An Unlikely Friend

Maureen SantosSeptember 5, 20179564 min

This is not your typical friendship story.

Elephants are adorable animals that acknowledges love and care from other living creatures. They also feel depress whenever they feel abandoned, especially by their mother and their herd. Unfortunately, that’s the story of this baby elephant.  The baby elephant’s name is “Elle.”

Baby Elle was abandoned, was recued and was really depressed when brought to the orphanage. Then a sudden turn of events, from depression, Baby Elle found something to be happy about in the orphanage.

In the beautiful video, you’ll meet the most unlikely pair of pals that have formed an amazing bond.

The elephant who is known to her rescuers as ‘baby Ellie’ lives in an orphanage in South Africa.

Unlike most of the animals that are victims of poaching, baby Ellie was actually rejected by his herd.

When Ellie was discovered and rushed in, the vet quickly found he had a serious condition that affected the blood supply in his body and for a while, it looked like he might not make it.

Even though his health was improving, Life was lonely for the baby. That was until Duma, a former sniffer dog stepped in and became his friend.

Watch the amazing friendship between the two and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Watch the video below, then share a little happiest with your friends. ?

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