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Welcome to the official website of our home planet Earth. Every day we are giving the option to make a positive change for the future of our home. Whatever we are dealing with, whether it’s global warming, world hunger, wars, or corruption, we can surpass them all!
We are the steward of our planet. Our understanding of our intimate relationship with it influences to every choice we make. There is no time for hatred and violence, only love and understanding. Our undying love can save the world and can change our destiny.
Let’s make a commitment to love our planet. We all share the breathtaking beauty and wonder of the precious planet that we call Earth. Let us unite and stop these senseless wars.
Let all human races keep their personalities and beliefs and come together to make the world a better place to live. It’s not too late for us to change. The power to create change starts with you.
You can make a difference with little things.
In fact, it is when we ALL work together to do the little things that the greatest change is realized.
Let this community be the beacon of light in the darkness. Remember that our most difficult experiences can become our greatest assets. We depend on Earth, so we better start taking care of it. We should start saving our planet to ensure that our future generations get a safe environment to live in.


Home Planet Earth promotes unity and peace for every individual around the world.

Home Planet Earth shares daily informative news and stories to spread awareness, inspire and improve the lives of every individual for a better world. Together, let’s create a better world for the future generations!

Let’s save lives. Let’s save EARTH.