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Maureen SantosApril 30, 20186914 min

What are the best solutions against net neutrality repeal?

Due to the fear of unauthorized distribution of personal data, Internet users are looking for alternatives to protect their identity and other information. Consumers are turning to VPN services.

In lieu of the net neutrality repeal and Facebook latest data privacy issue, VPN services emerge. The social media platform along with Cambridge Analytica are now facing a lawsuit because of the data breach issue.

What is VPN and how it works?

VPN means Virtual Private Network and is developed to maintain the privacy of online activities. Providers of the VPN services will channel internet traffic via their servers. This is to avoid ISPs from knowing what sites users have been visiting.

It is a constructed network utilizing public wires to bridge remote users or establishments to the firm’s private, core network. VPN services protect the private network utilizing encryption and other security methods. This is to guarantee that only certified users can enter the network with no interruption.

Based on a new study, because of the repeal and Facebook scandal, many consumers are seeking VPN services. This is to conceal their online activities and safeguard their digital confidentiality.

According to Edison Trends, market details demonstrate that compensated subscriptions for VPN services skyrocketed in December on Amazon’s apps store and Google Play. This happened during the time that the FCC voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order.

At the Decenternet platform, Internet users do not have to pay anything for any apps. The service is free to use, and consumers are compensated through the Spyce mining activity. The system is developed to protect the user’s personal information without distributing them, especially without permission.

The Decenternet connection will not slow down and has incorrupt stability. Consumers are provided with unconstrained access to the decentralized web and other sites. It restores the open internet and users do not need any more VPN services just to keep their information secured and protected.

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