MINDBLOWINGNEWSAmazing Advantages of Artificial Intelligence to Society

Maureen SantosJune 25, 20184803 min

AI/ML or Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is starting to shape our future more effectively than any other technological advancement in this century.

Any individual who does not understand what it is will long before end up feeling left out, walking up in a world that’s filled with innovation more so like futuristic developments that feel like magic to the naked eye.

A good example of such development is when Google trained their very own AI that could not only communicate with humans like a Technical Support Representative but also convincingly express opinions on certain matters, answer general fact-based questions, but more so discuss morality, which is extremely amazing for an AI, given our earlier thoughts on the matter, due to too much binge watching AI movies like the Terminator.

Another really good example is using the Google Translate App, which to me is absolutely magical. Although it still has its lapses, given that it’s for a start it is already extremely advance and amazing, this app lets you automatically and magically translates a Chinese character to English. Go ahead and try it out!

This gives travelers the convenience when enjoying a vacation in a foreign country and does not have someone with them to translate routes when taking a train ride.

Just by using your camera, when using the app and you point your phone’s camera lens on a Chinese word, it magically replaces the Chinese character into its English word equivalent.

Machine learning, in the meantime, will start to change industries drastically, from robotic arms able to automate tasks, to assistant apps that are able to read a pattern and is able to provide you the best route for work or the best time to take on task, will surely have a massive impact to everyone’s life.

That’s why I, myself, believe that Machine learning is something that is absolutely worth understanding, even just at a conceptual level.


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