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Maureen SantosJuly 3, 201822494 min

Why do we dream? What are the amazing facts about dreaming and our dreams?


We regularly ask why we dream when we rest and for what reason do we experience certain types of dreams. Some are great while some could be viewed as a nightmare. And most of the time, we never even remember what we dreamt about.


Based on a new study, dreaming is both a physiological and a biochemical way to deal with rewiring our brains during sleep. It develops our ability to thinking critically which helps us deal with daily experiences. Scientists have banded together to do an in-depth research by combining several existing conclusions, in which they infer that REM (Random Eye Movement) and non-REM functions together to find out what induces dreaming.


Dreams emerge in both REM and non-REM phases of deep sleep. The most recent study confirms the premise, that the constant activity in the brains posterior cortex is associated with dreams occurring more often. 


When a person falls to sleep, the body goes into a non-REM sleep that can be categories into 4 stages. Individuals, for the most part, spend a large portion of their non-REM period in Stage II. Stages III and IV that are known as “moderate-wave sleep” and are basically the stages where the person goes into very deep sleep.


More often than not we will never recall our dreams, maybe portions of it. But despite the fact that there are examples that regardless we remember our dream when we wake up, they will probably be gone in a couple of minutes. It may be the case that the dreams are set in the cognizant or conscious and intuitive or subconscious part of the brain.


A person gets to sleep and you or other people would think you are already asleep, but your subconscious is still active, this even happens during the day, where you daydream, that’s basically your subconscious surfacing while you’re awake.


Dreams restore our brains by cleaning it up and by helping us with being imaginative in discovering answers for issues that we experience each day.


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