DecenternetAmazing Net Neutrality App to Help Restore Open Internet

Maureen SantosApril 20, 20183914 min

In the wake of net neutrality issues, a net neutrality app emerges to check speed connection.

A net neutrality app has been recently launched. SpeedPact is developed to monitor ISPs. Consumers can now tell if there is blocking or throttling.

SpeedPact is currently in beta testing in New York. The net neutrality app will soon launch in the coming months.

“SpeedPact ensures that customers get the true speed of internet without any censoring from ISPs,” says the net neutrality app creator Art Claybon.

The app monitors three things without the interruption of the user’s moment. First is the internet speed that enters the home. Second is any WiFi intervention transpiring. Lastly, ISP net neutrality violations.

SpeedPact conducts tests every day on Amazon and Netflix to name a few. It will then compare the user’s speed with other net neutrality app users in the area. If the Speedpact user’s connection is slow compared to other internet users, it means that the ISP violates the rules.

A majority of the household could use a little help from the net neutrality app. It could do a lot more for states that had passed and enacted their law to restore open internet.

On Tuesday, both California and Colorado legislatures endorse the states’ bills. Blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization will always be included in the prohibition. Using the SpeedPact can determine if ISPs and cable companies are breaching the rules.

However, at Decenternet, there is no need for any net neutrality app. The platform itself is like the rules. It is an open internet that empowers free speech. The system preserves the right of the users to interconnect freely online.

Decenternet is established to protect personal information by keeping it confidential. It does not share anything with anyone without any consent. Users will not experience blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization while accessing the web.


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