DecenternetAmazing Platform Opposes Dismantling of Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosApril 25, 20185944 min

The day of the dismantling of net neutrality has arrived. Fortunately, not the entire new rules will take place. The Electronic Frontier Foundation found out that only a handful of minimal transformations will be carried out.

The order needs the Office of Management and Budget’s approval to implement it as a whole. The FCC will proclaim in the Federal Register once the open internet rule is totally invalidated. At the moment, there is still no confirmation which makes all content be treated the same.  However, there will still be a waiting period for the totality of the dismantling of net neutrality to take place.

They’ll wait six months to a year to be safe before unleashing sweeping changes to avoid major blowback, even though most people won’t care after a week so,” says Gunner Technology CTO Dary Merckens.

Consumers can anticipate blocked contents, slowed connections, price increase, and a lot of new issues. That is because providers are now free to do a “pay to play” business. Subscribers will find out that the carrier they pay monthly will discriminate contents and services.

Providers and carriers with esoteric political ties could slow down or block contents. These contents could be from the open internet advocates that criticize them. However, it will accelerate any content delivery of its allies that support their political principles.

At Decenternet. only one rule prevails and that is the restoration of the open internet. The dismantling of net neutrality does not affect the system procedure of the platform.It stays loyal to its users without disseminating their personal data.

Consumers do not have to pay higher monthly fees. That is because they are the ones remunerated for using the service.

There is no dismantling of net neutrality in the Decenternet network. Users will have an unfettered connection with the contents. They could access both decentralized and centralized networks without blocking and throttling.

Internet users can think of Decenternet as the open internet itself. An internet that protects their right to communicate online without any inhibitions. And the internet that protects their free speech. They should not fear the dismantling of net neutrality because they still have a choice with the Decenternet.


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