Amazing Symptoms And Treatment For Carrot Allergies

What are the symptoms and treatment for carrot allergies?

Some people experience food allergies by eating nuts, shellfish, eggs, and others. Eating carrot could spell allergies as well but is quite rare. Nevertheless, people still need to watch what they eat and should know both symptoms and treatment of carrot allergies.

Carrot is rich in beta-carotene which promotes good eyesight and healthy skin. However, not all individuals could take advantage of its health-giving benefits when they have carrot allergies.

Carrot allergies could be categorized as one factor of oral allergy syndrome. It is also known as pollen-food allergy syndrome. People who suffer it shows allergic reactions to pollens in particular raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The allergic person will sense irritation in the throat, mouth,  or ears after consuming food that triggers the allergy.

If the individual has severe carrot allergies, the reaction could be severe. It could be worse if there is a contact with the raw root vegetable. Other typical symptoms include a swollen area in the mouth, hives, breathing problems, tightness in chest, and congestion.

Carrot allergies could also present nasal and sinus allergy symptoms. Anaphylactic shock is the most unusual and catastrophic symptom. It only happens in severe cases when a person who has extremely allergy is exposed to the vegetable itself. The blood pressure of the affected person will exceptionally drop and could make him pass out, go into a coma, or even die.

The most effective treatment for carrot allergies is to avoid contact with the root crop. Also, do not eat raw or cooked carrots. If the symptoms become severe, you need to consult a doctor. Antihistamines will be prescribed to alleviate swelling and itchiness. Those who have difficulty with breathing needs to take medication that will open the airways for easier breathing.  Always remember that prevention is better than cure.



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