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Maureen SantosJuly 16, 201811195 min

There are so many ways or methods on how to learn a new language fast, but this will always depend on your capability to cope with the pace needed to accomplish it. Know that there is no such thing as secrets to learning a new language quickly.

Language is very complex and complicated and It takes dedication and motivation to be able to learn a new language.

Here are a few ways to learn a new language without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a tutor or any language learning software.

Practice saying the HARDEST word of the language repetitively. Besides becoming better at saying the word, this method will help you be more confident in saying words from that language, which in turn will make you more familiar with how words are spoken (diction, pronunciation, and even enunciation) and it makes you want to learn the language more.

Learn the language EVERYDAY. Nothing compares to everyday practice. Doesn’t matter if you spend just a few minutes per day, as long as you do it daily.

Carry a Dictionary all the time and read through it when you have time. This is useful when you’re in the Metro or on a bus and you’re trying to remember that word. Having a dictionary with you is definitely handy.

Watching Films or TV Shows from the Country whose language you’re trying to learn. If there are English subtitles the better, that’s so you’d understand what the characters are saying or talking about… Then you can try and mimic how they say the words, it’s good to be able to catch on their enunciation of the words.

Learn Phrases, not just words. How better will you learn a language, than learning actual phrases, and not just words, and learning them by heart. If you plan on going to a country whose language you’re trying to learn, you better learn actual phrases so you can communicate with the locals.

If possible, connect with a Native Speaker. Nobody can teach you better than the people living in the country whose language you’re trying to master.


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