SOLUTIONAmazing Ways To Make Mondays Even Better

Maureen SantosJuly 16, 201822216 min

Monday morning came early, after a late Sunday night? Being the first day of the week, people are now back at work grinding their way out of business hours. That is even if you work normal hours.

For some people, I wouldn’t say most as that might not be a fact, Monday marks the end of the weekend, basically the end of fun and relaxation. Being the first day of the work week, meaning responsibilities are back in full gear. A return to the real world if I may say so, along with the accountability that goes with it.

So what are some things a person can do to make his/her Monday or basically the whole week a whole lot better? Note that these things would take practice for you to get used to, but surely will help you out very much in the long run.

So here are things people can do to make their Mondays better:

Note that the things you can do are not numbered as it really depends on the person what to give priority to, but we suggest one follows from top to bottom.

Arrive early, at least 15 to 30 minutes before the start of your shift. This is to give you time to be able to do the rest of the things we’ll list here.

Visualize how successful your week is going to be. Having a good outlook on what’s going to happen to your day will make your day a whole lot better.

Remember that after Monday, there is Tuesday. Monday isn’t the end of the world, there’s Tuesday after that then the rest of the days of the week, then you won’t notice it’s already Friday.

Greet your co-workers before you start working. This helps the soul, staying connected with your co-workers helps build not just camaraderie, but also an environment that’s fun or even a less stressful place to work at.

Plan out your tasks. Having a To Do list makes it easier to go through them.

→ Go head to head with the most challenging tasks first. – When making your To Do List, try and narrow down the tasks that are most challenging and do them first.

Screen Emails for Urgent requests. Take care of your most urgent emails, and that will ease up your day.

Make an effort to smile. At the end of the day, you’ll be with people who you’ll be working with and a smile makes a whole lot of difference.

Clean out your desk. You can do this prior to leaving work, it’s great to arrive in the office seeing a clean desk, this will make you want to work more and have a less stressful day.

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