DecenternetAmerican Writing Guild Stands Behind Net Neutrality Draft

Maureen SantosApril 13, 20184164 min

California will inscribe the net neutrality draft to oust federal rules.

The Writers Guild of America West expresses its extreme support to pursue the California net neutrality draft. It is expected that it would supersede the federal guidelines regarding paid prioritization, blocking, and throttling.

WGAW union president David Goodman confirmed the organization’s support in a letter to State Senator Scott Wiener. He said in a letter, “Now that the FCC has abdicated its authority to protect a free and open internet, California has a responsibility to fill that void.”

According to the guild, a neutral online platform is needed to administer possibilities for unprejudiced access to liberated creative voices and varied content. This include also includes the budding online industry for video.

The California net neutrality draft will affix a number of online procedures to the Consumers’ Legal Remedies Act’s explanation of particular discriminatory operations of competition and unfair or misleading acts or procedures in the supply of goods and services in the state.

Sen. Scott Wiener’s net neutrality draft known as SB822 will reestablish net neutrality as the rule of the land in California. It mirrors the FCC 2015 Open Internet Order. Under Wiener’s proposed bill, huge phone and cable firms that possess massive networks that provide Internet service will no longer be able to practice bigotry.

ISPs will also be forbidden from imposing additional fees on particular sites and contents. They will also be prohibited from enforcing data caps that will escalate monthly Internet bills. Additionally, providers will be barred from slowing down traffic from rivals, certain websites, or apps.

At Decenternet, users will not experience any of the blocking, throttling or paying of extra fees for access and faster connections. They are paid instead to use by the Spyce mining activity.

Decenternet is a platform that empowers free speech. The system it uses is developed for the user’s personal security and protection. Net neutrality lives on the platform to ensure that the users will not be deprived of their rights to communicate online freely.

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