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Maureen SantosApril 27, 20184737 min

Governor Gina Raimondo signed a net neutrality executive order upholding free and open internet in Rhode Island a day after the Federal Communications Commission overturned the national net neutrality regulation.

Gov. Raimondo said that free and open internet is important to the economy and free and that Rhode Island’s foundation lies in principle of tolerance and diversity and by safeguarding a free and open internet in the state that the principle is kept.

The executive order signed by the governor necessitates contracted internet service providers to adhere to previously known net neutrality regulations, such as refraining from banning applications or websites and throttling access to the web for customers.

The Rhode Island General Assembly is thinking of legislation to permanently impose these protections, and when the law passes both chambers, Gov. Raimondo will sign the bills.

ACLU of Rhode Island Executive Director Steven Brown stated in response to Gov. Raimondo’s act of signing the executive order, the ACLU cheers for Governor Raimondo for accomplishing this important step in protecting free expression and freedom from censorship. In this modern time, only a few can think of dealing with the day without any access to the internet.

Recently, federal policies made us overlook that the information we can acquire from is open and good enough for everyone. Since the FCC opted to dissolve net neutrality policies, the duty now is left to states to protect its citizens.

Few people are aware that net neutrality is essential to free speech. It directs internet service providers in furnishing us with non-discriminatory access to the internet and prevents them from filtering the information that is made available to the users and the speed the information is delivered.

Brown went on saying, net neutrality guarantees that the internet is treated like a public utility- the same as the phone company.

RI Executive Director Brown said that they applaud Governor Raimondo for making her move to defend free speech and access to information in Rhode Island.

Everyone should realize the link between a free and open internet and democracy. For one, we are used to accessing the internet through a centralized system. The Decenternet infrastructure smashes the limitation of confinement that inhibits human potential and knowledge.

For changes to apply, implementation of the Decenternet solution must be allowed, some of them are the spreading of a decentralized internet infrastructure which gives access to limitless sources of information for the public good, neutralizing back attempts to limit our rights and freedom through protection and net neutrality, through D-net technology.

With the introduction of Decenternet in our internet environment, it allows you to free yourself from confinement and limitation knowing that the centralized internet is not the only option anymore. The Decenternet ecosystem makes you realize why it is the ideal.

The main practical components involved are the Osiris browser which is the fastest and most secure Decenternet native browser. It allows users to enjoy the best Decenternet experience. Liberty is self-sustaining and free because it is not a product but a public domain utility like the conventional search engines. 

To know more about Decenternet, just visit www.decenternet.com.





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