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Maureen SantosApril 4, 20184774 min

The Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee is showing its true colors.

On March 28,  Miguel Gamiño Jr., one of the FCC Broadband Committee, submitted his resignation to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. He cited that the broadband committee had distorted its projected proposals that adhere to industry preferences.

Gamiño was the Chief Technology Officer of New York. He decided to leave the broadband committee. He realized that the board has no consideration for a genuine public-private conjunction.

Pai formed BDAC early last year which is an advisory group. It delivers the agency with endorsements regarding the acceleration on the distribution of high-speed internet access. This is conducted through the eradication or the decline of governing limits to telecom expenditure.

Gamiño was the second important person to depart the broadband committee. The first was San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo who left in January. Just like Gamiño, he pointed out bigotry as the main reason for his resignation.

The broadband committee has shown prejudice. In accordance with it, the Sinclair Broadcast Group is one example of a preference. It was reported that news anchors are contrived to criticize their rival stations reporting of fabricated news. They cannot withdraw or their contracts will be put at disadvantage.

It is worth noting that the broadcast media is under the regulator’s protection. Moreover, it required its reporters to mimic messages that are favorable to Trump administration. The leakage stimulated prolonged trepidations regarding Sinclair’s influence over local broadcasters.

This is indeed a proof of what will happen if net neutrality rules are dissolved. The day that the repeal would take place is weeks away. However, broadcasting and telecom companies are already showing their self-centered intentions.

The net neutrality repeal can be counteracted with technology through the dnet platform. Billions of internet users, business and individuals alike depend on net neutrality. It has been the controlling body that defends our privilege to freely exchange information online.

The system of dnet does not account for anything to anyone without the user’s permission.  Unlike other operating systems, it does not report everything about the user to the central authority once linked to the internet.


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