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The Mystery of Saltier Freshwater

De-icing the road of snow could be a relief to motorists and pedestrians until a new research unveils the underlying impact on freshwater. Winter is coming which means accumulation of snow and thick ice on the roads. People in the US and probably in some other countries that usually have snow, use salts to de-ice the roads to assure road safety and prevent accidents. What

The Mystery of Saltier Freshwater2018-12-08T11:37:28+00:00

[VIDEO] Pig Heart Transplants Extend Baboons’ Lives

Will the heart transplant become successfull when attempted on humans? Pig heart transplants proved that it can extend the recipient's life for several months based on the new study of genetically modified pig hearts that made baboons lived for up to 195 days. For many decades, scientists around the world are seeking if animal organs can be used as an alternative, in a procedure known as xenotransplantation. One

[VIDEO] Pig Heart Transplants Extend Baboons’ Lives2018-12-06T08:42:03+00:00

[VIDEO] NASA: Tiny Aliens Might Have Visited Earth

According to a NASA scientist, extraterrestrials so tiny that people were not able to notice might have frequented the planet.  NASA Ames Research Centre Prof. Silvano P. Colombano theorizes that aliens are opposite from the what humans expect of them. One such example is the ability to keep undiscovered because they are carbon-based creatures. “The size of the ‘explorer’ might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent

[VIDEO] NASA: Tiny Aliens Might Have Visited Earth2018-12-05T06:19:50+00:00

2018 December Full Moon: Most Prolonged This Year

Moon gazers are lucky to marvel at this month's full moon since it will be the most prolonged heavenly spectacle anyone can behold. Astronomers declared that the upcoming December Full Moon will be the only and longest for 2018. People could lay their eyes on the beauty of the full moon on December 22 (Saturday). Also known as the Frost Moon or the Moon Before Yule,

2018 December Full Moon: Most Prolonged This Year2018-12-04T11:45:31+00:00

[VIDEO] Richard Branson Joins The Largest Underwater Sinkhole Expedition

Delving into the unknown is both scary and interesting but to these adventure seekers and researchers, there is nothing more exciting than new significant discoveries. Richard Branson will join the submarine expedition that will dive into the bottom of deep and dark largest underwater sinkhole in Belize - the Great Blue Hole. This is going to be quite a stunt since scuba divers usually plunge

[VIDEO] Richard Branson Joins The Largest Underwater Sinkhole Expedition2018-11-29T11:21:30+00:00

7 Signs of Protein-Deficient Diet

Sufficient protein in your diet ensures the body to perform at its best on its daily activities, however, a protein-deficient diet deprives the body to function well. In developed countries such as the US, it is typically unusual for its population to have a critical protein-deficient diet. But an older person or those with an unbalanced diet is at risk to develop a certain level of protein

7 Signs of Protein-Deficient Diet2018-11-28T08:22:19+00:00

[VIDEO]Found Dead Sperm Whale Bloated With Plastic Wastes

Plastic wastes washed up into the oceans are ingested by the smallest and biggest marine species costing their lives. Every year, tons of plastic products get dumped not only in rivers, lakes, and waterways but also in the oceans. Different animals that live in the waters mistook them for food. It might be convenient for people to use styrofoam and plastics for chemical containers or

[VIDEO]Found Dead Sperm Whale Bloated With Plastic Wastes2018-11-27T09:56:40+00:00

Poaching May Have Created Generation of Tuskless Elephants

Adaptation is very crucial for survival and that is what elephants around the world are doing right now to avoid poaching. Elephants in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park are proof of the never-ending war between pachyderms and humans. A majority of the mammals bear no tusks. They are the lonely survivors from the 90% of the total population that were butchered for their ivory to fund

Poaching May Have Created Generation of Tuskless Elephants2018-11-27T04:03:11+00:00

Gradual Arctic Frost Could Drive Polar Bear Extinction

Ice melts faster than it freezes in the Arctic leaving polar bears little or no place at all to live and give birth. Global warming hastens the melting of ice in the Arctic region but it takes longer to reach freezing point. This event spells extinction for the polar bears. The dawdling freezing of several Arctic regions this winter gave pregnant polar bears a hard

Gradual Arctic Frost Could Drive Polar Bear Extinction2018-11-27T04:03:09+00:00

How Scientists Will Deal With Global Warming

It is getting hotter by the day because of global warming and scientists are thinking of a solution to counter it.   Scientists from Harvard and Yale universities are recommending an innovative but not yet proven approach to address global warming by covering the Earth's atmosphere with chemicals that could haze the sun. The study was published in the journal, "Environmental Research Letters" introducing the strategy

How Scientists Will Deal With Global Warming2018-11-27T03:48:38+00:00
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