DecenternetBest Counter Measure for Net Neutrality Abolition

Maureen SantosApril 25, 20184393 min

The net neutrality abolition has indeed begun on Monday. Consumers feel that the worse has yet to come.

Ajit Pai and his agency along with ISPs might have won the war over net neutrality rules. However, the fight is not over yet, and it will not take long that the net neutrality abolition will be overruled. A large portion of the US population supports net neutrality rules. It is up to the officials and lawmakers to protect their people.

There is a categorization under the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom rule. ISPs will not be treated as telecom companies anymore. Likewise, the FCC will no longer regulate them.

Once net neutrality abolition took place, ISPs will impose a levy on the content provider. They could charge Netflix or Youtube in return for faster access to households. These companies might afford the higher fees but will be passed on to consumers.

Because of net neutrality abolition, ISPs can exhort sites for utilization, velocity, and intermission. If this happens, small-scale providers cannot compete with large corporations. With this, there will be less innovation. There will also be minimal services and new applications on the web.

As an individual, you can either pay no attention or stand up for your rights. You can do something to achieve a fair and open internet. Internet users can support enterprises and ISPs that respect the guidelines of the Title II rules.

This is what the Decenternet network does. It restores open internet which is crucial, now that net neutrality abolition started.

At Decenternet, all contents, apps, services, and websites are treated fairly and equally. This is the reason why users will enjoy using the platform. Because of the unlimited access it provides, consumers can communicate freely online.

If all else fails, the Decenternet platform is a refuge for those who are affected by the net neutrality abolition.


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