NEWSThe Best Way Senate Democrats Can Save Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosMarch 1, 20185575 min

How will the senate democrats save net neutrality?


It’s official! The Federal Communications Commission lead by Republicans has legally published an order that overturned the long-established and crucial preservations of the internet— net neutrality.


The FCC’s new directive will give large firms the green light to implement restrictions on how subscribers can gain access to other traditional sites by obliging them to purchase an internet access package. These Internet Service Providers will also demand consumers to pay more for “premium” services like with the cable television. This scheme is totally different from the true nature of internet which is specified by inventors as open and neutral.


For every rule, there is an exception and Senate Democrats are very eager to offset FCC’s rule by an action initiated by the Congressional Review Act. CRA can be issued with the approval of 51 senators compared to other legislation that needs adoption by the majority party.


Usually, it necessitates 60 votes for moving forward.  CRA decisions enable Congress to abolish regulatory processes at federal agencies with a majority vote in both legislative bodies. In congruence with the CRA, the senators will officially present the verdict after the rule is acknowledged to both houses of Congress and promulgated in the federal register.


It was Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, who brought in a declaration of objection under the CRA that allows Congress lay out new rules with a modest majority vote. Since last year, Senate Democrats are heaving support for the CRA.


Without net neutrality rules, not only one individual will be affected. Small and big companies around the world depend on the internet for communication. Traders like in the cryptocurrency exchange rely heavily on the internet for a transaction. Dnet for one is startup company and advocates net neutrality. It has just launched its cryptocurrency, Spyce and is beginning to make its presence felt in the crypto industry.


Dnet is in its early seeding stage and is grabbing a lot of recognition. Although not too many people know about Dnet at the moment, it is for sure that this hyper-speed decentralized internet communication solution will soon be making noise in the crypto exchange with not a meager funding.  Dnet is arranging to strongly market in June.   




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