DecenternetBlack Lives Matter, Others Request House Members Support Revive Net Neutrality Law

Maureen SantosMay 24, 20184374 min

It is clear that the repeal of net neutrality has a broader negative impact on a major expanse of population than the advantages it can offer. 

Black Lives Matter along with the Color of Change, National Hispanic Media Coalition, and others appeal to the House members to promote the revival of the net neutrality law. The Tri-Caucus leadership ( Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional, Asian Pacific Caucus and the Congressional, and Hispanic Caucus). The groups under the Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition disputed that net neutrality is a racial justice concern. Because of this, the caucus members must support the CRA push to reverse the FCC vote to void the rules. These measures pertain to the blocking, throttling of internet traffic as well as paid prioritization.

“Net neutrality has enabled people of color to speak for ourselves and tell our own stories and empower our communities without asking permission from broadband gatekeepers on whether our voices are worthy of being heard,” read the letter that the groups wrote on May 18.

Wisconsin State Sen. Lena Taylor wrote in an article about her anxiousness about how the repeal of the net neutrality law affects social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter. She deeply believes that with net neutrality, all internet searches should be treated equally. ISPs, on the other hand, should be banned from procedures of blocking, throttling and preferring other sites over other.

Undoubtedly, Black Lives Matter voiced out and intensified their message while elevating their principle in great part using the social media. It endured traditional media many years to get closer to their calls for equal treatment while they increase in numbers around the world through the internet.

The Decenternet platform perfectly knows every sentiment of internet users. That is why just like net neutrality, it treats all forms of contents equally. Likewise, it does not employ blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. It empowers free speech and protects them giving users the liberty to communicate online freely.

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