DecenternetBroadband Subsidy Impairment Hurts Rural Areas

Maureen SantosApril 5, 20184655 min

Even telcos think that disabling Lifeline is out of one’s mind.

It was the late President Ronald Reagan who established the Lifeline system. This provides meager-salary Americans a monthly broadband subsidy of $9.25. The said amount will be used to procure broadband, landline, or wireless services.

Most of the Lifeline beneficiaries usually seek the service of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO). These facilities resell leading carrier networks for a broad collection of customized platforms. It aims at poor people who cannot afford the costly service of edge providers. That is why a lot of residents in rural areas depend mainly on the broadband subsidy.

Seeking the service of large companies will be more difficult for them. They are provided with a broadband subsidy to have internet access.  However, it seems that the FCC wants the poor to become poorer. They won’t be able to pay for faster connection and access to apps, contents, and other websites. Again, it is linked to net neutrality.

The current chairman himself wants Lifeline recipients to procure services from large telcos. This idea even makes the telcos think that Ajit Pai’s recommendation is insane.  He always says that his agency’s main goal is to close the gap in the digital divide.

But what is happening is the opposite.  His decisions are making the gap wider instead of sealing it. And to remove Lifeline broadband subsidy is hurting the people living in the rural areas.

On Tuesday, he visited 3 Kentucky counties regarding the broadband internet. He encourages some resolutions to bring the service to a larger part of the region.

According to him, many entrepreneurs are eager to start their business in a small town. The problem is, they have no way to stretch out to a domestic or international customer site. He learned that Kentucky Wired has been way behind schedule. It is a broadband project funded by the state worth $500 million.

It sounds frustrating, but we can’t do anything about people who only think of themselves. Fortunately, there is a platform where people can still have their freedom of speech.

The dnet provides users immeasurable access to the decentralized network. They can also access traditional websites at the same time. Its operating system, Anuvys OS is free of charge while users get paid to use through the Spyce mining activity.

The system that dnet uses does not slow down. Even after years of usage, it still functions like the first time it was installed. Besides, it does not make use of resources to surveil its users.






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