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Maureen SantosNovember 21, 20183446 min

Wildfires that frequent California bushes and forests are getting worse and smoke is now taking its toll on the health of residents and is adding to the harmful risks of the climate change.

Climate change is a shift in the weather pattern and relevant changes in oceans, ice sheets, and land areas that transpire over time covering decades or longer. As wildfires continue to ravage the northern and southern parts of California, more concerns arise. The wildfire smoke that spreads in the air journeys for several miles affecting not only the residents but its neighboring countries as well.

Researchers from the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research and School of Medicine and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment collaborated to emphasize on seeking for the best approach for people to safeguard themselves from air pollution which includes wildfire smoke. Aside from studying the harmful effects of air pollution on health, they are also considering the health potency of controlled burns.

Meanwhile, Finland is a European country with forests that are also prone to wildfires like California. However, unlike California, its wildfires in can be said to be in control.  Other EU countries such as Sweden is also dealing with blazes but with difficulty.

Sweden has been one of the continent’s greenest nation and out of desperation, officials ordered a bomb to be dropped at the heart of the wildfire to take oxygen away from it. Unfortunately, the approach didn’t work and the wildfires linger for weeks.

According to the weather maps, both Sweden and Finland were negatively afflicted by the same rare, intense heat this summer. When seen from space, Finland’s skies were smoke-free and it’s not because of luck or even raking just as what US President Donald Trump thought of.

Finland’s forest service conduct controlled burns of the forest undergrowth. This is to get rid of the thicket and also to develop new sprouts. Forest managers clear away some of the expired trees to cut out a small percentage of the combustible materials.

California also removes undergrowth and enable some burns as part of its federal forest policy. As a matter of fact, certain areas affected in California wildfires burned a decade earlier. That is why there had not been a major development of undergrowth.

Climate change has something to do with California wildfires. The weather in Finland is snowy and cold compared to California which is generally hot and humid. The logging roads that cut across Finland’s forests hinder the spread of fires while providing firefighters easy access at the same time. There pay aviation clubs to do fire surveillance from the air.

“The difference between the two Nordic countries is not explained by vegetation or climate but is believed to be based on differences in infrastructure and forest management,” Finland’s Forest Association pointed out.

During the replantation, Finland divided future forests into small sections. This scheme promotes fewer wildfires since infernos typically do not extend beyond the bounds of a single section. It is usually bordered by wide walks or with trees with various heights.

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