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8 Simple Ways to Resist Anxiety, Depression, and Stress in Workstation

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Anxiety and depression greatly impact bodily functions - physically, spiritually and mentally. A person who is stressed or experiences depression has no appetite and no interest with everything around him.  There isn't any single aspect that

[VIDEO] Research Shows Virtual Reality Can Help Improve Compassion

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Science believes that the use of virtual reality could help make people more empathetic. Oftentimes, virtual reality is used for playing virtual games and watching movies to experience the intensity and excitement. But according to

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Popular Shoe Company Will Recycle Ocean Plastic To Make 1 Million Pairs Of Sneakers

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This is going to be an amazing activity for Adidas! Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. Recently, Adidas sells a range of clothing items, varying from men's and women's t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants and leggings. Recently, Adidas