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December 2018

[VIDEO] Pig Heart Transplants Extend Baboons’ Lives

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Will the heart transplant become successfull when attempted on humans? Pig heart transplants proved that it can extend the recipient's life for several months based on the new study of genetically modified pig hearts that made

November 2018

DNA Test Reveals ‘Spirit Cave Mummy’ As Native American Tribe Ancestor

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https://youtu.be/MDvqylL6f-A The 10,000-year-old mummy can now truly rest in peace. For decades, anthropologists and a Native American tribe are grueling a legal battle over the so-called "Spirit Cave Mummy". The ancient bones of about ten

October 2018

NASA Captures Iceberg’s Enigmatic Rectangular Cut Image

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An unusual but almost perfect cut of a rectangular iceberg has been captured by NASA and scientists are baffled. NASA scientists discovered this peculiar iceberg on Oct. 16 during the Operation IceBridge program. It is

[VIDEO] Artificial Moon to Light Up Chinese Skies by 2020

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Moonlight could be creepy at times but fascinating for the people of China. Chengdu, Sichuan 's capital, is a province situated in the southwestern portion of China. There are more than 14 million people who live in

July 2018

June 2018

Amazing Advantages of Artificial Intelligence to Society

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AI/ML or Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning is starting to shape our future more effectively than any other technological advancement in this century. Any individual who does not understand what it is will long before end up