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November 2018

[VIDEO]Found Dead Sperm Whale Bloated With Plastic Wastes

By |November 27th, 2018|Categories: BIODIVERSITY, ENVIRONMENT, SOLUTION|Tags: , , , , |

Plastic wastes washed up into the oceans are ingested by the smallest and biggest marine species costing their lives. Every year, tons of plastic products get dumped not only in rivers, lakes, and waterways but

[VIDEO] Human Wastes As Clean Energy? Possible!

By |November 14th, 2018|Categories: ENVIRONMENT, SOLUTION, TECHNOLOGY|Tags: , , , , |

Earth is already enveloped in various pollution and researchers have found a way to turn human wastes into clean hydrogen energy. Wastewater treatment plants are known for their indication of carbon. Researchers from Spain’s King Juan Carlos

Recycling Plastics Into Cryptocurrency Incentives

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The planet is in great danger not only of climate change but also with plastic pollution threatening everything that lives in it. With the different environmental issues that are encircling the Earth, every nation must

October 2018

8 Simple Ways to Resist Anxiety, Depression, and Stress in Workstation

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Anxiety and depression greatly impact bodily functions - physically, spiritually and mentally. A person who is stressed or experiences depression has no appetite and no interest with everything around him.  There isn't any single aspect that

[VIDEO] The Truth About Eating Organic Foods, Revealed

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Eating fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system with its priceless nutrients without the chemicals, of course. Most people buy organic foods such fruits and vegetables to avoid intake or exposure to chemicals used in them before

July 2018