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Pi Day is generally celebrated on March 14 which is a yearly affair of the mathematical sign Pi (π). Physicist Larry Shaw established the event on that date due to the numerical value (3.14) outlining the first 3 digits of Pi. Definition Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The diameter of the circle is the expanse from one side to its other side with a straight line that measures the...


When you least expect it, disaster strikes like a lightning with no place to run and no place to hide.  Palu, Indonesia was caught off guard and its population of 300,000 when the city was struck with a 7.5-magnitude earthquake last September 2018.  The sudden disaster took over 200,000 peoples’ lives due to the Palu earthquake and the soil liquefaction, towering tidal waves, and landslides as the aftermath. However, the catastrophe should not have emanated from a 7.5-magnitude earthquake,...


Climate change will take its toll heavily on California in the years to come. A recent report has been released by the California Natural Resources Agency regarding the country’s climate change evaluation. Based on the report, climate change’s ramification in the state will severely rise in the coming years. The increasing temperatures will lead to further heat waves. By the year 2050, there could be an additional 11,000 deaths year that is linked to heat. Likewise, more...


Watching the planets in the sky all at the same time is a one-of-a-kind experience that you should not miss. This month of March, the sky will have a spectacular display of astronomical events from the moon to the planets during the “Planet Parade.” Parade of Planets A “Planet Parade” is the gathering of heavenly bodies consisting mostly of the most luminous planets. In 2016, five planets shone at the exact same time but not...


Who’s waiting for a meteor shower? Personally, I love seeing meteor showers, it gives me a snap view of how amazing the universe is. It’s like seeing crystals or diamonds falling from a clear dark blue sky. It’s jyst amazing to share that moment with someone. If you are waiting for a meteor shower this month, these are the dates that you shouldn’t miss out. Two minor meteor showers will grace our skies this month....


Wednesday 8 March is International Women’s Day, an event held around the world to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights. Here are five facts about the day: 1. Originally called International Working Women’s Day, it was first celebrated on February 28, 1909, in New York in remembrance of a 1908 strike of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union when 15,000 workers, including many immigrants, marched through the city’s lower east side to demand social and...


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Meatout – promotes a vegan diet. Held annually on the first day of spring (on or around March 20). World Water Day – held annually on March 22nd. Earth Hour – promotes efforts to address climate change by asking businesses and residents to turn off their lights for one hour (from 8:30pm – 9:30pm local time). Held in late March annually.


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World Spay Day – promotes spaying or neutering of our pets and feral cats. Held annually on the last Tuesday of every February. World Wetlands Day – held annually on February 2nd. World Day of Social Justice – held annually on February 20th.