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Maureen SantosApril 30, 20184764 min

A coalition of more than a hundred mayors took on a pledge to consider ISPs responsible for the open internet offenses. The pledge is known as the Cities Open Internet Pledge. This is in answer to the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality in December.

Mayors Bill de Blasio (NY),  Steve Adler (Austin), and Ted Wheeler (Portland) pledge that that cities will decline business with ISPs that oppose the net neutrality guidelines. They started the Cities Open Internet Pledge.

The US mayors along with open internet advocates slandered FCC Director Ajit Pai of relinquishing for business interests.  The agency could provide cable and broadband providers like AT&T and Verizon the authority to block, throttle, or delay access to websites and services deliberately.

The Cities Open Internet Pledge was declared during the SXSW in March. It coacted with the Free Press Action Fund which established the MayorsForNetNeutrality.org website.

It allied with other advocates such as Daily Kos and Demand Progress to name a few. It is a move to make residents aware and urge their local mayors to sign the Cities Open Internet Pledge.

“Today marks an important milestone in our fight against the Trump administration’s attempt to strip away the right to access a fair and open internet. Since New York City helped launch the pledge, over 100 cities have signed on,” stated NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

You can check the list of mayors and the date of their signing in the Cities Open Internet Pledge here.

A congressional resolution of disapproval has garnered hundreds of sponsorships. It belonged from the House and Senate where a Senate vote is slated to take place next month.

Net neutrality will always be restored at Decenternet. Internet users will be protected from any ISPs that block, throttle or slow down the connection.

The Decenternet network enforces the open internet guidelines and treats all contents fair and equal. No pledge needs signing like the Cities Open Internet Pledge. Decenternet knows the needs of the consumers and protects their rights and empowers free speech.

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