Cop Saves An Elderly After Being Ignored By Bank’s Staff

This story will surely move your heart.

This is one of those stories that can make you proud of police officers. I understand that there are a lot of negative stories about how deadly cops can be, but this one is an exemption.

Cops amazing act of kindness do not usually get the right recognition from the mainstream media, but thanks to some amazing netizens who was able to capture this amazing act of kindness of a police officer.

Officer Robert Josett was dispatched to respond to a disturbance at a local Bank of America. Apparently, there was an elderly gentleman who was upset and causing a scene.

The 92-year-old man was trying to withdraw money but his ID had expired and the bank was unable to process his request. The man became increasingly upset that no one could help him.

When Officer Josett arrived on the scene, he didn’t force him the man to leave. Instead, he politely asked the gentleman to accompany him to the Department of Motor VehiclMV so that he could get a new identification card.

After taking the man to get a new ID, Officer Josett drove him back to Bank of America before it closed so he could withdraw his money.


via Sunnyskyz