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Maureen SantosNovember 8, 20184996 min

Stress could be the leading culprit of a mental health crisis. 

Australian-based mental health organization, SuperFriend has disclosed its yearly ‘Indicators of a Thriving Workplace’ report. It determines the present condition of mental health as well as the well-being in Australian workplaces against a preferred state.

SuperFriend is the sole mental health organization that allies with superannuation funds and group insurers to assist employers throughout Australia to establish organized, efficient teams within resolute, psychologically safe habitats.

Based on the report, the index score of national workplace mental health and well-being index is 65 out of 100. This indicates that the place of work’s mental health and well-being is being dealt with. The national index score depends on the size of the business suggesting that small businesses (67) transact better in comparison with larger business organizations (63).

About 75% of Australian workers claimed of enduring high levels of stress in their present occupation which could lead to depression and anxiety. One-fifth of the employers noted that they are going to leave their employers in year’s time which is more frequent among senior managers.

The report also suggests that among five working Australians, one is presently experiencing a mental health condition. Nearly half (45%) said they experienced some reproach linked to mental health in their place of work. Generally, younger workers aged 18 to 24 are the most affected.

SuperFriend CEO, Margo Lydon said that people allot too much time at work throughout their lifetime. She said that experiences at work add to both existence and well-being. It is very important that employers and employees work together to take a precautionary method to accomplish a mentally healthy workplace to assist all workers to succeed even if they are undergoing mental health condition or not.

The mental health organization developed new 40 indicators which are designed to assist employers to distinguish workplace mental health necessities and disparities and conclude priorities for development. These cover signs for optimum Capabilities, Connectedness, Culture, and Leadership.

The report discovered that Australian workplaces stand out in terms of teamwork, participation and social admittance, which are all results of being solidly affiliated.

Lydon stated, “Positive, high-quality interpersonal connections are essential to maintaining positive mental health and well-being. It’s encouraging to see that Australian businesses are setting a good example of collaboration. This helps not only to accomplish business goals but also unite workers, creating purpose and meaningful work.”

Meanwhile, Orygen and Phoenix Australia collaborated on a new documentation regarding the mental health of young men who used to serve as Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel. According to their report, 15% of full-time serving personnel in the ADF (young men and women) have the highest rate of mental ill-health from the rest of their comrades. Conditions include alcohol-use disorders, depressions, and panic attacks.

Orygen senior researcher Dr. Simon Rice said that the heightened consequence of mental ill-health can be associated with various aspects involving divulgence to possible disturbing experiences on operations or unwillingly dropping the service. The military’s failure to provide protective factors including social support as well as belongingness and identity could impact the young ex-serving personnel’s mental health which left a lot of them feeling ill-equipped for civilian life.

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