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Maureen SantosJune 4, 201710845 min

Are you having a hard time managing yourself every time you feel mad or angry?

All of us know how it feels to be angry at someone or something, but of course, we eventually learn just to let it pass and do something that could make everything better.

Unfortunately, some people do not know how to manage anger pretty well. Some people find it really hard to control their selves when in the moment of being angry. And that is scary. Not just scary for other people, but we are scared for you. Failing to control yourself in the midst of anger can lead you to situations that you’ll definitely regret later on.

Don’t worry you’re not alone. There are ways for you to make yourself better in handling provoking situations. Check it out!

How to Stop Being an Angry Person

By Marcia Sirota MD

How-to-stop-being-an-angry-person_OMTimesEveryone gets angry now and then. Anger is a normal emotion that arises when you feel attacked, abandoned, imposed upon, or deprived. It’s a signal that something bad is happening to you, or that you’re about to lose something that you need.

When you’re in touch with your anger and able to express it in a balanced and moderate manner, this emotion is your ally. Knowing when you’re angry enables you to stand up for yourself when you need to, and when to walk away from a hurtful situation. The healthy awareness and expression of anger can be very empowering.

Problems arise when your anger is out of balance. Out of balance anger can have a few different manifestations. You can be someone who’s cranky or irritable; you could be getting into arguments with people too easily, behaving aggressively, or acting impulsively. I’ll discuss this type of anger shortly.

On the other side of the coin, you could be someone who has trouble expressing your normal angry feelings. This might be because you’re out of touch with your anger; these feelings being blocked or repressed, or because there’s some sort of unconscious prohibition within you to expressing your anger.

People have difficulty accessing their angry feelings when they’ve learned in childhood that anger is bad. This will happen if the child has witnessed anger being expressed in a frightening or destructive manner. Equally, a person might not feel safe expressing their own anger in adulthood because when they tried to do so as a child, they were threatened or punished for it. It’s also possible that they’ve accumulated so much anger and it feels so huge inside them that they’re afraid they might hurt someone if they let it out.

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