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Maureen SantosDecember 11, 20182844 min

Getting fat while eating anything will soon become a thing of the past.

Anyone would love to eat anything they want to eat but afraid to become obese. Australian researchers from Flinders University are analyzing a gene linked to obesity known as RCAN1. The said gene gives food lovers the opportunity to binge eating without adding weight.

Flinders University researchers discovered that when mice are deprived of the RCAN1 gene, the animals failed to acquire weight increase in spite of being nourished for extended periods. Research leader Professor Damien Keating suggests that inhibiting RCAN1 aids in converting white fat (stores energy) into brown fat (burns calorie). It means that the body is burning calories while at rest even without exercising or following a dietary plan.

The team also noted that new drug therapies could transpire established from the findings. Curbing the genes may likewise fight overweightness and life-changing diseases like diabetes.

Keating said in a statement, “We are currently testing a series of protein-targeting drugs to see if they inhibit RCAN1 and whether they represent potential new anti-obesity drugs. We have research funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council. We can potentially make a real difference in the fight again obesity.”

Obesity has been a dominant worldwide health pandemic following a raised consequences of serious diseases including heart disease. However, approaches for potent therapeutic treatments are insufficient.

In Australia, two-thirds of adults and a quarter of children are dealing with obesity. The figures are also alarming in the US and Britain. In America alone, a 2016 report from the Marketdata recognized that the weight loss industry rose to a record of up to $66 billion. The researchers said that their study is centered on discerning the process by which cells transport alerts to each other and how it affects health and the extent of disease.

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