DecenternetEx-FCC Director Backs California Net Neutrality Petition

Maureen SantosApril 16, 20184384 min

Former FCC chief Tom Wheeler support net neutrality petition.

Defenders of the neutral internet are soliciting California legislators to pursue with a projected law that would preserve open internet in the country. State Sen. Scott Wiener introduced a net neutrality petition called SB 822.

The said bill will impair broadband providers from practicing blocking and throttling traffic. Additionally, these facilities will be crippled from imposing higher fees in return for faster internet connection. The FCC enforced the same restrictions in 2015 but had a changed of mind and heart and decided to abolish it.

Moreover, Sen. Weiner’s net neutrality petition will likewise slash ISPs power to spare some material from data thresholds. During the Obama administration, the agency recommended attaining a case-by-case concept based on the customer’s subscription. On Tuesday, a Senate committee is anticipated to commence the bill.

Dating back to the Obama era,  the first FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, officiated the agency starting 2009 to 2013. He enunciated to former UK Telecoms Minister, Ed Vaizey regarding the US present bearings on the KindredCast podcast.

According to Genachowski, “We had a chance on this issue in the US to resolve in a way that would’ve had a lasting impact, which would’ve created ongoing certainty.”

Mayors, congressmen, governors, and senators come up and enact their own net neutrality since it’s up to them to protect their people when the government does not care at all. Legislators are expected to pass bills that will certainly protect and implement open internet.

Decenternet will always be the internet that endows free speech and protects the open internet. The platform is created to safeguard users and their personal security. The system resources it uses is not intended for surveillance.

Users will have unrestricted access to the decentralized web together with the traditional websites. The connection has explicit steadfastness with no persistent crashes, interruptions, and restarts.



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