NEWSExperts Reveal Massive Amount of Mercury Trapped Underneath Northern Hemisphere

Maureen SantosFebruary 15, 20184374 min

Climate change is taking its toll heavily not just on us but also with plants and animals. We experienced strong hurricanes and earthquake not to mention drought and flooding. These natural calamities forced people to leave their home and their means of living.


Recently, new research has been published on Monday (Feb. 5) in the Geophysical Research Letters stating that there could 15 million gallons of mercury is deposited in the Northern Hemisphere’s frozen waters. It is concluded that the amount of the poisonous substance could be approximately twofold on what would be found on the planet’s atmosphere, bodies of water, and land. If global warming persists in rising, the mercury will come streaming in huge volume.


Where do mercury and other harmful elements come from?


The National Snow and Ice Data Center suggests that mercury, carbon dioxide, and other elements come into contact in the atmosphere. The process continues as it chains itself with the soil’s organic materials and become frozen turning into permafrost. Geology describes permafrost as any kind of soil that has been frozen for three years or more.


Permafrost roughly envelops a quarter of Northern Hemisphere which includes bigger areas of Canada and Russia. The US Geological Survey team determined the mercury levels were lying dormant underneath permafrost gathered throughout Alaska and then estimated the regular level of the element across the globe.


Mercury naturally occurs in the surroundings and is emitted by volcanic eruptions, weathering of the rock and most of all, by forest fires. Humans also play a major part in the release of mercury through mining, medical wastes and burning of coals as fuel. It floats in the air and returns to Earth and later on carried off by sea and land creatures as well as plants and trees. We will be greatly affected as we eat plants and animals we do not know has mercury content in them.


Unless we do something even to lessen the probability of a rise in the global temperature, food poisoning due to high levels of mercury in what we eat could be prevented.


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