NEWSFalse Research Study That Has Put People’s Lives In Danger

Maureen SantosApril 8, 20178133 min

Being an economist, I can definitely say that making studies need the researcher’s utmost attention and commitment. You can’t just make any conclusions from insufficient data. Your data needs to be tested, to check whether or not the variables used are appropriate or not. If in any case, you propose a conclusion for a case that could risk the lives of many people, imagine the cost for your poor research study. Your study could be fatal to anyone in this world.

Once upon a time, a scientist named Dr. Andrew Wakefield published in the medical journal The Lancet that he had discovered a link between autism and vaccines.

After years of controversy and making parents mistrust vaccines, along with collecting $674,000 from lawyers who would benefit from suing vaccine makers, it was discovered he had made the whole thing up. The Lancet publicly apologized and reported that further investigation led to the discovery that he had fabricated everything.

In the intervening years, millions have been spent on studying this further to see if there was anything that could connect autism and vaccines. This is what they found.

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