DecenternetThe First Blockchain Native Operating System For Decentralized Internet

Maureen SantosMarch 24, 20186404 min

The future of decentralized internet is finally here.


In the wake of net neutrality repeal, many issues have come up regarding the security and freedom of speech.  Internet platforms reconstruct the structure of search results depending on their likings and policies.

In addition, they have the capability to employ the most sought-after word list. Some OS could even access and gather personal information without the user’s knowledge. This, in turn, creates a gateway for viruses and malicious codes that affect the performance of the computer that could also lead to data loss.

This is why Anuvys OS is created. It is the primary blockchain native operating system utilized for the decentralized internet and will soon be procurable at no charge. It facilitates absolute control of your resources to boost user experience and mining lucrativeness.

A blockchain is a computerized and decentralized public record book of all cryptocurrency. The technology is primarily established to verify transactions but is now utilized for a wide range of commercial application.

The Anuvys OS is dnet’s default blockchain technology operating system. It is what the internet and computing experience should be. Users can maximize their spyce mining potential and experience with the dnet’s raw speed and security through it.

Compared to traditional websites like Windows, the Anuvys OS is not stuffed with unwanted junkware updates and surveillance etiquettes. Its growth and progress are self-financed by a portion of Spyce mining operations around the world.

This operating system of dnet is a Linux-based OS provided with a spontaneous user-friendly User Interface. It is armed with a full array of formidable Linux applications including Steam and LibreOffice. It is developed to protect the user’s freedom and privacy. At the same time, it improves the provision rate of Spyce.

Linux, on the other hand, is the most recognized and most expended open source OS. It is a software that lies underneath all of the other software on a computer. It acquires requests from programs and delivers them to the computer’s hardware.

Aside from being an open source software, the code that was used to create Linux has no charge. The public can access it to edit, view, and contribute.

Using the Anuvys OS requires nothing of the users’ computing resources to keep an eye on them. However, it allocates 100% for the enhancement of user experience. It is not mandatory for Anuvys to use dnet because it is optional and reinforce multi-boot functionality by default.


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