NEWSFirst US State That Announces Strong Support For Net Neutrality Rules

Maureen SantosMarch 8, 20185065 min

Net neutrality will always be the concern of the majority when it comes to the internet. Washington decreed a new law that will protect our rights to have an open internet and protect net neutrality rules.

On Monday, Gov. Jay Inslee passed and signed House Bill 2282 in a bipartisan effort that will safeguard net neutrality to be effective on June 6. The legislature okayed the state in March of this year to protect net neutrality rules which FCC has repealed and will take effect on April 23. The agency’s revocation could be advantageous to the telecom industry but not to the rest of the population.

Open Internet

Under the net neutrality rules, all ISPs are obliged to deal with all online contents fairly. This means that they should not block or delay contents coming from other websites and speed up their own contents. It also prohibits the practice of paid prioritization where specific traffic beneficial to them is favored.

Some states have vetoed agencies from dealing business with agencies with broadband providers that do not advocate net neutrality. Washington’s decision conveys that ISPs could have different policies there in comparison to other states where they provide services. California also acknowledges the notion of an own state law to maintain net neutrality.

Agency Chair Ajit Pai disputed that repealing the net neutrality rules would result in a bigger venture in broadcast communications. This will give ISPs new opportunities to generate money.

During the signing ceremony, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee mentioned that we have identified the power of an open internet and has allowed the democratic movement of information and ideas in one of the ultimate demonstrations of free speech in our account.

We understand the importance of net neutrality and the need to preserve it. However, it is not necessary to be outraged since we can still protect our free speech and net neutrality. Instead of getting alarmed, and experience transgression or go separate ways, it can be counteracted with technology.

Net neutrality is the conducting foundation of the internet. Therefore, it maintains our freedom for free communication whenever and wherever. Net neutrality means an internet that empowers and protects free speech. Nowadays, more advocates start supporting net neutrality. Without it, ISPs will have the power to influence their customers what contents are only accessible. They can also speed up or slow down any contents that will override their own contents.


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