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Maureen SantosApril 20, 20187987 min

Why is net neutrality a big issue to the world?

Last year, Ajit Pai initiated the efforts to lead repeal Obama-era net neutrality which upholds free and open internet, and this had become a heated discussion in different parts of the country. Congress representatives had been showing measures to practice actively net neutrality rules, and candidates are saying this can affect results in the midterms. Activists who showed support for the net neutrality rules are getting stronger, and those people who commented to the FCC even before the vote showed how strong the public opinion was.

Net neutrality is considered a complicated issue that won’t be easy to talk about except between the FCC and industry bodies. Julius Genachowski, Obama-appointed FCC Chairman in 2013, stated that there could be done something about the situation.

As people know him, Mr. Genachowski continued serving the private sector after being the Chairman of the FCC from 2009 to 2013. He administered the agency during a vigorous period of innovation and investment that occurred for communications technology and software, encompassing wired and wireless broadband applications, networks and devices. The FCC’s decisions and major actions influenced by him was noticed thus the FCC then, was named the most improved federal government agency and was included in Wired Magazine’s “top 7 Disruptions”.

Genachowski talked to Ed Vaizey and said that there is a way that would create an impact and that would end the ongoing argument. He started to make sure that there is an understanding that will be met between tech giants, internet service providers, startups, and consumers- on how the internet should be managed.

Genachowski made a list of what he wanted them to follow which is no throttling, no banning, no paid prioritization, that there shouldn’t be bias and this would be put under so-called Title I instead of Title II that almost everyone in that effort can uphold.

In a Newsmaker event hosted by Reuters in February, Julius expressed that net neutrality issue will continue to follow a path decided by who’s in authority and without ruling out new legislation.

In December 2017, Genachowski said that the FCC’s top goals are to develop the broadcast spectrum for modernization and increased wireless capacity. He envisions the country to be more competitive in the economy through the means of technology. He finds it satisfying as he continues to do his responsibility to help improve in the economy sector and maintain being competitive worldwide which makes everybody work for it continuously.

Genachowski through his proposition about managing the net shared last Dec. 1 with regards to his “rules of the road” for regulation. It includes the responsibility of ISPs to be clear in the business dealings, prevent ISP’s from banning content, practicing rightful discrimination of internet connection and allowing internet providers to bill different prices for varying speeds and varying amounts of broadband use. In summary, it is demanding the Federal Communications Commission monitor telecom companies more but less than what the consumers would have wanted to preserve an open internet. His associates have different views about his proposal.

Having the net neutrality abandoned could disregard the internet as a means for free and open producer of information according to Jennifer Golbeck. Critics, on the other hand, thinks that too much control hinders innovation and investments which has flourished for a long time without official net neutrality rules being enforced.

As for Mr. Genachowski, one of the reasons why Pai overturned net neutrality was if Verizon hadn’t filed a lawsuit, the FCC wouldn’t come up with new net neutrality legislation under Title II in 2015. He explained that no new legislation on net neutrality would be pushed if the internet service providers just adhered to the Open Internet Order 2010.

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