NEWSFungal Enzymes Can Teach Humans to Renew Energy from Wood

Maureen SantosFebruary 19, 20187385 min

Climate change is taking its toll heavily on the planet, and we are the victims of our own deed. Different countries around the world are finding ways to lessen pollution by gradually ceasing from using coal as fuel. By using the wind, turbines are rather utilized to create energy.


Researchers from around the world together with the University of York scientists identify a set of fungal enzymes which has the ability to disintegrate one of the wood’s major compositions. According to a Science Daily report, these fungal enzymes can be possibly used to modify wood biomass into beneficial chemical products like biofuels ecologically.


Based on the research reported in Nature Chemical Biology, a family of enzymes known as lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases has the ability to breakdown xylans. These are carbohydrate molecules that are generally contained in wood biomass and are exceptionally resilient to degeneration.


Wood is considered as one of the most favorable supplies of innovative biofuels. In spite of its ability, it is still considered a difficult element to break down.  But uncovering the process by which fungal enzymes breakdown wood will provide several advantages according to Catalyst Forum.


Availability. Wood fuel is handy as chips, firewood, pellets, or sawdust. It is primarily used for water or space heating.


Inexpensive. Wood fuel is a low-cost source of energy compared to fossil fuels. It does not need high basic investment contrary to other fossil fuels.


Eco-friendly. Wood fuel does not harm the environment as long as the right technology is applied.


Sustainability. Wood fuel is an organic source of energy since each tree that is cut down can be replenished.


Meanwhile, GTM reports that Germany has announced its plan of eliminating coal as its fuel. The concept to diminish coal-fired power generation developed as part of an agreement between Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Social Democratic Party political groups.


With the latest discovery, there will be a decrease in demand for coal and oil as a form of fuel. Air pollution will also lessen to promote further healing of the ozone layer, and people will have fresher air to breath.


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