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Maureen SantosSeptember 26, 20177614 min

Canada is becoming hotter?

Yes, it’s true. Canada is reported to be experiencing hotter temperature nowadays compared to its temperature in the recent years. A heat warning was released by the government to remind the people that Canada is becoming hotter than the usual. About time to get rid of those sweaters and flaunt those summer outfit despite the fact that fall has just started in Canada.

A sweltering weekend of summer-like weather continued to break records in Ontario Sunday.

Toronto saw a new record high for this day, reaching 31.7 C. That beats the previous record of 30.1 C set back in 2010.

Pearson International Airport also saw a new record high at 33.6 C, beating the previous 2010 record of 30.8 C.

This was the second day in a row of record-setting heat in the province.

Other cities across Ontario also saw new record high temperatures both Saturday and Sunday, despite the fact that this was the first official weekend of fall.

The hot weather is expected to continue into next week. With Environment Canada forecasting highs of 31 C from Monday through Wednesday, a heat warning remains in effect for the city.

“Mostly sunny skies will allow daytime temperatures to reach the low thirties, with humidex values approaching forty again on Monday,” Environment Canada said in its warning, which covers most of southern Ontario.

A heat warning from the city also remains in place, with cooling centres open around the city.

The steamy weather is expected to last until a cold front settles over the province Wednesday, bringing significantly cooler temperatures for the rest of the week.

Earlier Sunday, the muggy weather prompted Environment Canada to issue an air quality advisory for the GTA and much of the province, warning people that the hot conditions could lead to poor air quality. Most of those warnings have since been lifted, however the weather agency continues to advise people to avoid strenuous activity outdoors during the hottest parts of the day.

People are also being advised to stay well hydrated, to check on vulnerable neighbours and seniors, and not to leave children or pets inside parked vehicles.

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