DecenternetHouse Democrats Start Soliciting Signatures To Support Resolution

Maureen SantosMay 22, 20184133 min

Following the success of the Congressional Review Act in the Senate committee, the House Democrats started to gather signatures to pursue the vote for an open internet.

Rep. Mike Doyle introduced the discharge petition that would enable the House to push a vote in case if half the representatives sign up. It will provide activists until the end of the January session to accumulate the required signatures.

To date, they have gathered a total of 90 coming from the Democrats. To champion the vote, there should be more than 20 Republican representatives that are willing to oppose their party and support the resolution.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, there are about 160 representatives who have already pledged to support the bill once it reached the House panel. However, it could take longer to collect all signatures.

The open internet hopefuls depend on the resolution to curb the FCC’s new net neutrality law that will take center stage in a few weeks.  The resolution passed the Senate committee and will now move forward to the House panel. If fortunate enough, it will come face to face with the US president and asks for his signature.

Net neutrality advocates emphasize the importance of an accessible internet. It sure is a great feeling if your access is continuous without the blocking of contents and slowing down of the connection.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that your personal information is always secured and protected every time you log in? It gives you the confidence to carry on with your tasks because you know you are free from surveillance and being looked at like a criminal.

You can regain your freedom with the Decenternet platform where all contents, apps, and websites are treated equally. Internet users are provided with unlimited access to various websites to enhance their knowledge.



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