How Scientists Will Deal With Global Warming

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How Scientists Will Deal With Global Warming

It is getting hotter by the day because of global warming and scientists are thinking of a solution to counter it.  

Scientists from Harvard and Yale universities are recommending an innovative but not yet proven approach to address global warming by covering the Earth’s atmosphere with chemicals that could haze the sun.

The study was published in the journal, “Environmental Research Letters” introducing the strategy known as the stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI). Researchers suggest that the approach will slash the global warming rate in half. The procedure will include diffusing vast amounts of sulfate particles into the planet’s lower stratosphere with altitudes that could reach up to 12 miles. The chemicals will be transported by specially-designed high-altitude aircraft, balloons, or huge naval style guns.

Even if the technology is underdeveloped without the actual appropriate aircraft for compliance, scientists noted that “establishing a new, custom-made tanker with considerable shipment capabilities would not be technologically burdensome or extremely costly.”

According to their approximation, the launching of a proposed system is about $3.5 billion for 15 years. There will be a constant expenditure of $2.25 billion every year for a period of 15 years. The report, in any case, admits that the approach is barely assumed.

“We make no judgment about the desirability of SAI. We simply show that a hypothetical deployment program commencing 15 years hence, while both highly uncertain and ambitious, would indeed be technically possible from an engineering perspective. It would also be remarkably inexpensive,” the report states.

The scientists likewise recognize the following risks:

– bringing together various countries in both hemispheres is necessary

–  stratospheric aerosol injection methods may possibly threaten crop harvests

– it could result in droughts or induce severe weather

– it does not tackle the issue of increasing greenhouse gas discharges resulting in global warming

The concept of the research is to make the Earth constantly cool by infusing aerosols to reverse some of the Sun’s rays from entering the atmosphere.



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