DecenternetImpact of Ethnic Group’s Defiance To FCC’s Decision

Maureen SantosMarch 26, 20184644 min

The impact of ethnic group’s defiance to FCC’s rule change could result in a slow broadband installation in their country.

The agency passed new rules on Thursday regarding the streamlining and expediting of 5G networks across the country. The objective of the rule change is to accelerate the utilization of 5G infrastructure. This is to make certain that the US maintain its worldwide technology dominance.

However, several of the country’s Native American tribes declared to confront the rule change. They debated that the scheme will put their divine site in danger.

According to the FCC, they talked over with the tribes before creating the rule change.  Prior to the disclosure of the regulation, the agency has commissioned tribal consultations in nine states in three years.

This resistance of the tribe could aggravate the preceding digital divide concerning the retention of broadband access and the remainder of the state. Currently, tribal lands are experiencing lowest connectivity rates.

Based on a 2015 FCC report, the inadequacy of broadband access on tribal lands fell to 63%. On rural tribal lands, it went to  80%.

Meanwhile, the phone and internet grant for rural residents are at risk of being slashed.  Lifeline has served an approximate 11 million US residents. However, the figure is only almost 30% of the eligible residents to obtain the subsidy. As soon as the rules become effective, 75% of Lifeline subscribers will have to seek the service of a new provider.

With the ever-changing rules of the FCC, more people are getting affected instead of being privileged. More internet and mobile users are losing their freedom to communicate online, and their free speech is getting diminished. Added to that is the fact of surveillance imposed on devices to monitor the user’s activities.

Because of these concerns, the dnet platform created the first native blockchain operating system for the decentralized internet. Anuvys OS is not designed for monitoring and mass shadowing.

The Anuvys OS is not obliged to use the dnet platform. It is not required and cradles multi-boot performance by default. The OS is free since it has the powerful financial backing of the Spyce mining operations around the world.    

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