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Maureen SantosFebruary 12, 20185455 min

What is Blockchain Technology and How it Works?

We used to believe that blockchain technology is a new technology. The truth is, it is not, but a consolidation of established technologies administered in a different way. It all started when bitcoin introduced itself and gave birth to the cryptocurrency realm.

What is Blockchain?

To make it simple to understand, let us start with the block which serves as the document of new transactions. This could be the cryptocurrency’s location, medical information or voting accounts. After the completion of each block, it is included in the chain, thus, producing a chain of blocks called blockchain.

Since cryptocurrencies are inscribed, managing any transactions means dealing with complex math problems. These become more challenging as time goes by due to blockchain growth. Individuals who can solve the mathematical statement are compensated with cryptocurrency in a procedure we call “mining.”

Decenternet is an upcoming platform that uses a P2P decentralized internet framework solution that blockchain can make. Information on the Decenternet is both searchable and retrievable through the Decenternet Liberty search engine. Its native default blockchain operating system is Anubis which is free of charge. It is a Linux-based OS that is armed with a spontaneous user-friendly User Interface (UI).

While Anubis sports a full range of dynamic Linux apps like Steam and LibreOffice, its OS is not overstuffed with consistent involuntary hidden junkware updates and surveillance protocols like Windows. It will also not reboot your computer or store junk at the start-up.

With the use of blockchain, several people can pen accounts into a database of information and a group of users can regulate how the entry of information is modified and corrected. The appropriated database established by blockchain technology has a significantly distinctive digital backbone. This is the most definite and substantial feature of blockchain technology. It is built from three technologies namely, Private Key Cryptography, P2P Network, and Program which is blockchain’s protocol.

Blockchain technology is similar to the internet in terms of built-in heftiness. The internet on its own has been confirmed to be indestructible for nearly 30 years. The blockchain system is transparent and indestructible that endures in a consensus environment. Transparency data is enclosed within the system a whole. Any unit of data on the blockchain cannot be altered which could mean utilizing a massive volume of computing power to dominate the whole system.

According to the inventor of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, blockchain deals with the problem of operation. He added that it is not about the location where people are really well-off. Blockchain’s prospects are the topmost in the countries that did not achieve that stage yet.

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